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Suicide awareness training offered in Belfast

Suicide intervention and awareness training

Since 2003, we have been working in the area of mental health and suicide prevention. We are dedicated to creating awareness in the community about the causes and repercussions of suicide and mental health.
Our aim has always been to highlight these issues and promote positive mental health encouraging people in the local community to break down the barriers and stigma which stop people seeking help. We have been delivering suicide prevention and awareness training in our own unique way for many years now and offer the following:

  • Mind your mate and yourself

  • Life coaching

  • Community training

  • Positive mental health training for schools

Community training

In today’s world, everything is so fast that sometimes we don’t see what is right in front of our eyes. Many bereaved families regret that if they had been able to recognise a sign that something was wrong, they might have been able to save their loved one’s life. Many people who are feeling suicidal have signalled their intent in the year before they died, whether it is verbally or through behavioural changes. Therefore, the more people who feel confident and willing to explore possible signs of suicide risk and provide support and help, the more lives could be saved.
Often people do not want to intervene for fear of making someone’s situation worse. They are afraid to say the wrong thing or the stigma attached to suicide means they avoid, ignore or do not recognise the signs of suicidal thoughts. We need to lift the taboo and talk about suicide as a serious community issue, then reach out as widely as possible to get family, friends, relatives and work colleagues involved in suicide prevention. This is where training forms a vital role.
Awareness needs to be raised within all sections of the community and as broad a range of people possible given the necessary skills and confidence to reach out to someone who needs help. Suicide can affect any one of us at any time, therefore it is our responsibility to find ways to create suicide-safer communities.
An image of people who have taken our mind skills course
An image of people who have taken our mind skills course
A group of people taking the mind skills course in a classroom

Mind Your Mate & Yourself

An image of four teens who have taken our mind skills course
Only 1 in 5 Young people who are feeling stressed, sad or suicidal are likely to seek help.
Understanding the issues of mental health and being able to recognise the warning signs can safe a mates life. Knowing how to start a conversation about mental health with someone and signpost them on to support services friends can take immediate action to keep their mates safe.
An image of a group of teens wearing hope wrist bands

After completing our training programme young people will:

Understand why one of their friends might be considering suicide

Understand why your mate may not seek help

Know the signs to watch out for

Know what to say

Know how to get your mate the help and support they need

How to maintain your own positive mental health

Teacher training

An image of Phillip teaching some school girls about suicide awareness
As a teacher, you have an important role to play in the personal development and well-being of your students. Education and awareness about mental health and emotional well-being can play a vital role in keeping students safe. 
Our training, Reaching Out for Teacher, has many benefits for the teacher. Increasing their knowledge of depression, stress, and facts about suicide, which will enhance the teacher's ability to recognise risk factors and warning signs of suicide.
An image of Phillip teaching some school kids about suicide awareness

Breaking down the stigma and barriers which stop students seeking help

Better understanding of stress and how to deal with it better

Better understanding of depression and the signs that a loved one may be experiencing depression

Suicide warning signs and risk factors

Listen and ask appropriate questions

How to ask the difficult questions around suicide

Keeping students safe

Connecting teachers to school and community resources

Student Training

Mind-skills Training & Coaching supported by Allstate Insurance Belfast provide training to schools which help promote suicide prevention/intervention, positive mental health and wellbeing in our young people. 
Only one in five young people who are feeling stressed, sad or suicidal are likely to seek help. Understanding the issues and being able to recognize the warning signs, means school friends can take immediate action to keep their mates safe.
Mental health problems are not a personal failure but can change how a person thinks, feels or behaves.
The training is designed to increase knowledge, awareness and change attitudes to mental health problems. 
We understand school days are very busy and finding the time to provide training can be difficult. Don't worry! Our awareness training only lasts for one hour and fifteen minutes and has been designed to be flexible with your schedule.  
Each student will receive a Mind-skills Training & Coaching certificate. 

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